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12 Inches A Slave.................. Sally D'angelo has been running a dungeon out of her basement for many years. It's a vicious cycle, she has her muscle scour the town looking for unsuspecting souls to chain, they befriend the poor bastard, wait for him to pass out and then throw him to dungeon, normally he's fed to the lions, but this slave is special, he's strong,handsome, and has quite a tool and the Queen is anxiously waiting to meet the new slave, she inspects him, checks out his physic ,then checks out his 12" cock, hmmmm she says, this specimen will CUM in quite handy around here, maybe even replace the current general, she coos , then he proves how strong he is by busting loose from the shackles ....briefly stunned ,the queen realizes she is still in control, he may be violent, but she has him tamed , I want that cock" and "I want it NOW" she demands ...They FUCK as two wild animals, he has such a huge cock but the Queen takes it without a problem, in her mouth in her pussy they fuck in every way imaginable ,then she demands he SEED the Queen and per instructions he does,a MASSIVE CREAMPIE cum blowing out of her pussy and down her ass and thighs ....BUT there is one more command "Throw that SON OF A BITCH that dragged you out here to the Lions", "You're the NEW Slave in charge" ............. Male Domination, FUCKING, Blow Job, Restrained, MASSIVE CREAMPIE, Size: 848 MB

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