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Download [ManyVids] Sally Dangelo - Tokyo Rose Asian Sex Slave
Tokyo Rose...Captured........ Starring...... Pornstars Newest Sensation....... Rose Royal, Sally D'angelo,& Jonathon......... Japanese NEW Asian Starlet Rose Royal and her FIRST EVER Black Cock* Sally D'angelo returns from Japan with quite a capture ,(Introducing Pornstars newest sensation) Rose Royal or better known as Tokyo Rose,.... Rose hasn't quite figured out why Sally is so kind to her , offering her a job at her mansion , paying her airfare, knowing very well that Rose is a wanted criminal. Needless to say, Rose is soon on her way to America with Sally .....Once there , things are never quite what they seem , Sally has a plan, she knows Rose cannot go to the authorities , she's wanted (in almost every country in the world) so what choice does she have but to become a sex slave , but it doesn't stop there , Jonathon has been spying on them (he's the butler) and one of Sally's lovers ,the Mistress spots him, she invites him in on the game , "look at what I caught" " Want to FUCK my Asian Sex toy?"..... " First you FUCK me so I can FACE SIT my little BITCH and have her clean my pussy".....He certainly doesn't want to lose his job, so he FUCKS the Mistress and then FUCKS poor Rose who has NEVER had A BLACK COCK ,a cock this size cannot be found in Japan, he plunges it in as Rose whimpers all to the entertainment of Mistress Salia .......Evil Mistress, Bondage, Gagged, Made to Eat CUM, Face Sitting, Lick CUM, Asian Girl, Slave, BBC, CUM in Pussy, Size: 1.09 GB

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