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Mr Dinwittey II the rise of the stud…. City Girlz Productions…………. Sally D’angelo……………. Stephen Hardwood……. Heard a knock at the door and to my surprise it was Mr Dinwittey, you remember him the nerdy guy with the awesome cock, well here he is and I’m like WTF do you want ( I fucked him last time so he would adjust my electric bill) so what do you want this time Mr D? Our debt is settled?.... You want what, to learn how to be a gigolo, sorry if I laughed but what the fuck are you thinking, I’m a porn star not a magician, but I must admit you do have a very nice eleven incher , hmmmm come on in let’s get you out of that stupid outfit and dress you up, I might be able to pull this off , get naked. Holy fuck you have one of the nicest cocks I haver ever seen and I seen a lot of dick , let me take that for a test ride and if you do a nice job I’ll find you some rich ladies needing a roll in the hay . INTERRACIAL,BBC,BIG-BOOBS, BIG_ASS, BIG-COCK, CREAMPIE, DORKY-DUDE, BLOW-JOB,, Size: 286.12 MB

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