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Cuckolding Couples...so BIG so BLACK........................FOR BEGINNING COUPLES ONLY............. Oh come on ladies! You've always wondered what it would be like. How it would make you feel to sneak off to a motel room with some guy you're not married to....the nastiness of it would make it all the hotter! But what if your own husband came home one evening and in a roundabout sort of way, asked if maybe you might like to have sex with another man while he watches? Or has he already asked?? Well of course you laughed it off and walked away....but here's Sally D'Angelo also laughing it off until she starts to think about it. Thinking about it leads to reading about it. Reading about it leads to fantasizing about it and we get a real earful and eyeful as Sally and her fantasy black lover put on a show that her newly cucked husband will never forget. And of course it's all focused on him watching as she screams and begs for more massive black cock and tells him every inch of what it feels like as she's turning from a nice bon bon eating, hair up in rollers wife into a newly minted HOTWIFE WHORE for black cock AND making hubby watch. So ladies, if you've ever had that thought, that question, that interest pass through your mind....watch this video to find how it's done and then go try it out! Features HOTWIFE, cuckolding, lingerie, HUGE boobs, fucking in high stiletto heels, breasts bulging in a tight corset, hubby MADE to watch, interracial, stockings, lace bra, cock sucking, Size: 278.39 MB

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