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It's the day before our wedding and you call me while I'm in the middle of trying on my wedding dress. Why are you calling me, you then go on to accuse me of cheating on you and that I've been acting strange. I laugh and say your being ridiculous to think that, I would never cheat on you. Here I am preparing for our wedding tomorrow and there you are being paranoid and trying to say that I'm cheating on you. So silli and jumping to conclusions, I think you are just nervous and that's understandable it's our big day tomorrow and it's going to be great. Stop trying to ruin it for me and I'm going to be your newly beloved wife tomorrow. I'm here by myself why would there be anyone else here, your best friend oh you mean your best man. Of course we have chatted but that's it, how could you thinkI was cheating on you with him. But really I'm sucking on his big black cock while I'm talking on the phone to you. I just keep reassuring you that i'd never cheat and that I will see you tomorrow. Once I get you off the phone then I get that BBC all to myself. He was right I am cheating on your with a bigger better cock and the best man! Sucking and jerking your big black shaft while I slag off my lousy husband to be. I'm gonna fuck you wearing my wedding dress and I want to feel that BBC fuck and fill me up. Laying back and pulling my wedding dress up to take your cock. It's so much bigger and better than my lousy husband's white dick. So good that it makes me squirt and gets me dripping wet all over your huge black cock. I want to feel it stretch my tight asshole now and you slide that BBC right in my ass and fuck me again. That black cock feels so good and I want you to fuck me again and cum inside my pussy so you can get me pregnant. Fuck that pussy good and fill me up with all of that cum and you blow a big load deep inside me. A huge creampie to impregnate that juicy cunt. I'm going to keep cheating on my loser husband and soon enough he will find out what a cheating slutty wife I've been., Size: 1.68 GB

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