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Download [ManyVids] Queen Gia Love - Mommy & Daughter Love BBC
Mommy and Daughter team Sherry and Gia are all dressed up for a night out on a hunt. Hunt for what? BBC. That beautiful big black cock. The evening proves quite fruitful when the pair don't even have to leave the establishment before they catch one in their sight. Eager to sink their teeth in they admit they're a black cock hungry duo that are quite pleased they didn't have to go far for their next meal. Pipe seems a bit surprised. Maybe it's too good to be true. A mother AND daughter want him? And not just him, his gigantic johnson especially. Gia and Sherry can't contain themselves any longer. They settle Pipe onto the bed and demand that he show them exactly what he's got for them. Without missing a beat Gia quickly removes his pants allowing her hands access to glides up his legs until they meet his cock. Sherry gets really excited watching her daughter enjoy the fruits of their labor as she slides her hands up and down his shaft. Pipe's rock hard and Gia sees the way he's been looking at Sherry's titantic tits. "You wanna to titty fucking my mom?" Gia asks playfully. A question Pipe was excited to confirm. Ft @MissGiaLove @SherryStunns1 @BlackPipeXXX, Size: 1.06 GB

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