[ManyVids] Prrincess Cherry - Home-Wrecked Turns Cuckie

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Welcome to your escape. A hideaway from your day-to-day responsibilities, chores, nuisances. Some time to unwind and really enjoy yourself. A moment of peace and quite... away from her. That ‘significant other’ of yours, making your life significantly more stressful! That bitch! She doesn’t deserve any of your time. I say it’s about time she gets what she deserves. No more sex, attention or money from you. I deserve all that money & time far more. I bring you peace and pleasure. I know you’d much rather fuck Me, right? Between you and I, I know you love Me far more. So I’m presenting a new life for you... where you can start over and try something new. You’ll be My little cucky ! Since you’ll never be able to fuck Me, you get the next closest thing.. watching & hearing Me talk about My sex life. Like how my back cracks from being bent over with my back arched, while My boyfriend grips My hips thrusting back and forth! Oh the moans !! So... by the look on your face, and that erection, I know you are going to leave her, and be My good cucky., Size: 1.1 GB

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