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The world of sales is a very high pressure and ruthless place. Those who make it to the top are some of the most amoral people on the planet. They also engage in practices that go against the most basic of ethics. One of these ethics is not fucking your employees when you have leverage of them. Hot Ass Hollywood sees it in a different light. She sees it as a perk of the job. That is why when Will is coming back from a bodybuilding expo where he is pushing out products for Ms. Hollywood’s company, she decides it time to pounce and enjoy the perk. Much like a jaguar she stalks and lulls her prey into a sense of security by masking her intentions. At first, she tries to play coy and give him a little bit of leeway to act on his own by flaunting her bodacious bod. Then when he shows some resistance, she applies pressure in the form of a upcoming performance review. Eventually Will gives in and does what she asks. Anything to get to the next rung on the corporate ladder., Size: 724.44 MB

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