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One evening at dinner with @sweetvickie she asked if I wanted an introduction to @dfwknight .... I gulped and said “Fuck Yes” with my inside voice, my outside voice said…”Why Yes that would be lovely..Thank You.” 
Before we finished the meal a date was established….OMG what just happened is all I could think of driving home. Well a few weeks later I was meeting him face to face and what a true gentleman he was. I have ‘seen’ him for years and always enjoyed his videos given the sensual nature as well as raw sex….awesome combo!
 This video is our first ‘date’ and I had a great time. As you all know I really enjoy sex and that is my focus with these videos as I am just me being authentic. Once that first kiss happens I’m purely focused on letting go and enjoying my sexual journey. I really hope that comes out in this video and my excitement resonates throughout.

Please let me know your thoughts!

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