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(custom clip). this clip is for the breath & whisper lovers particularly.  giantess kala is getting ready to meet her giantess soul stepsister lace. they have a mega plan. while talking on the phone to her, kala spots a tiny jerking his dick by her heels and because nobody is supposed to know what lace and her are up to, kala decides to make the tiny disappear in her mouth, but before that, she wants to have some fun. so she puts the tiny on the palm of her hand and starts punishing him with her breath by inhaling and exhaling deeply and loudly until tiny is covered in fog. kala laughs and giggles. she is having so much fun. after having made him tired with her stinky breath, she puts him down and tells him to watch her sniff and blow hot air on a BBC (dildo). while doing that, she is hypnotising the tiny with her eyes - sensually. (POV = tiny), trying to make him jealous while lifting up her eyes to the black man every now and then. she is whispering sensually to the tiny if he's jealous, if it bothers him that she is gibing the black man the chills while he is just watching there. the clip ends with kala picking up the tiny man and making him smell her stinky cock breath before gulping him down (big belly is not visible in this clip)., Size: 3.09 GB

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bbc sfw asmr giantess vore bad breath