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From the shadows a beautiful vixen appears, litting you admire her naked, silken body. Out of nowhere two giant black hands appear on her body. Is there someone else there with her, or is it some kind of incubus? All you can do is watch and wait. Finally you see another dark being emerge with a gigantic weapon between their legs. She leads him into the other room where you follow. She throws him onto the bed, climbs on top and begins to ride him slowly. It's not long before he flips her over and starts feeding her his massive, thick sword. She then turns around so you can watch her face close-up, while his dark, powerful body thrusts into her. He fucks her harder and harder, stretching her pussy out more and more as she gets wetter and juicier every moan. After she cums, she jumps on top to ride him hard and finish him off. He pulls out and with a smile, lets out his huge load right in front of you. Mmmm, Size: 685.66 MB

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