[ManyVids] Ciren Verde - BBC Invited Over To Have Foursome


Download [ManyVids] Ciren Verde - BBC Invited Over To Have Foursome
Behind the scene view... There’s nothing more that Ciren V’s husband loves then watching his hotwife satisfied by bbc. He’s a true cuck that will do anything Ciren says like every white boy should.

Big Tre comes over and Ciren V’s husband is there to greet him with a very special surprise; Lady Lazarus and Ciren V are ready and waiting for black cock.

Lady Lazarus is already in the sex swing ready to get pounded when Big Tre walks into the living area. Usually Ciren’s husband is a work when she plays with her bulls, but today he’s in for a treat. He’s going to get to feel our black cock slut mouths on his dick and he even gets to fuck my pussy.

Ciren and Lady Lazarus warm up on each other while the boys watch and stroke. Ciren sees Big Tre’s bbc and just can’t help herself. His dick is already hard and easily twice as thick as my husbands. I look over and watch Lady Lazarus sucking my husband’s cock. What a treat for him. Usually he just gets to watch and jerk off.

Lady Lazarus sees me start to suck Big Tre and she gets so turned on. She looks so hot with her pink hair, white skin and bbc down her throat. I start sucking off my husband who is rock hard. He keeps looking over at Big Tre’s cock, he wants it, but he can’t have it today.

I climb up in the swing and Big Tre starts pounding my pussy. It feels amazing. HIs dick filled me up completely. While I get a bbc, Lady Lazarus bends over for my husband’s cock and lets him have it.

Big Tre takes his turn in the swing and we service his bbc like the black cock sluts we are. Two whore mouths are always better than one.

We continue to fuck and suck until Big Tre unloads his hot, sticky cum in my pussy and my loving husband is there to lick me clean. Lady Lazarus holds his head down while he eats up all the cum. Are you jealous?, Size: 3.65 GB

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