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The scene: You’re Miles Morales, spending some quality time alone in your dorm. While performing a casual internet search you hear a loud noise. When you turn behind you to look, Gwen jumps down from a wormhole. It’s been a while since you’ve seen her! You’re both older, her hair is longer, but she’s the same old Gwen. You ask what she’s doing here and she explains that she missed you so she figured out a way to come visit. She tells you that she hasn’t found anyone quite like you in her universe. She starts to show off her body, saying that she fills out her suit much better now. Gwen says that she wants to have some fun, and since she guesses that you were just looking at porn, she knows you’ll be down. Gwen sits on your sofa and beckons you over so she can suck your dick. She wraps her gloved hands around your throbbing cock and smiles. She doesn’t think she can take the whole thing down her throat, but she’s willing to try. Gwen starts to suck and gag on your dick. After a few minutes she says that she wants to have some real fun and feel you inside her pussy. You lie on the sofa and Gwen peels off her suit. She straddles you and starts to ride cowgirl, grinding against your dick. You say that you want to watch her ass bounce, so she rides reverse, giving you a perfect view of her booty. After you both cum she tells you that she better go, but now that she can travel to your universe, you guys can have these rendezvous all the time!, Size: 1.78 GB

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