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im lovin this sexy boygirl video here is some details for u he finds a very sexy he thinks mermaid he doesnt kno mermaids are sirens oh no what was he thinking takes her home to his bathtub she is shocked she knocked out in his bathroom wakes up shocked doesnt kno where she is is lookin round tryin to figure out where she is he comes in she ask him where is she ??? he tells he he took her home from the ocean she tells him he made huge mistake and explains she can grow legs anytime she like and if she shows him what a siren does he see what happens he doesnt belive her and laughs tells her i think your captured memaid mermaids always have taiuls not legs but yes show me what a siren does she sings to him the sing song as moveing sexy and suggestive and start taken off her clothes and she is singin to him she starts to grow legs she keeps teasein then she is fully naked still teasin and singin him sirens song he starts fall under her spell oh no what gonna happen next ? she teasin him with her ass still singin then she finnishes her song he under her spell he comes in the water with her and pulls down his pants and she sucks his cock like a naughty siren so hot and then fucks him gags on his cock to then he cums all over her naughty siren face ;-) be careful you don’t fall under the spell too ;-) close ya ears lol or maybe don’t lol she pretty naughty when ur under her sexual spell of desire ;-) get your copy of this sexy hissing little siren ;-), Size: 2.88 GB

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