Freakinstien [ManyVids] - Fear and Lust


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Charlie Heart has been chilling for most of the fall in her home all alone. She spends her days watching the leaves’ part with the branches on the trees and enjoying the crisp air. The thing is she sometimes doesn’t feel like she is alone in her enjoyment. Kind of like some unseen spectator is with her during the quiet times at her house. She soon finds out that she isn’t alone. Not alone in the slightest. At first she feels fear at the revelation, but changes her mind when she see the big bulge in the strangers pants. Maybe, just maybe, she is slightly into the rush of being scared. Maybe it makes her pussy very wet. Maybe it makes her ready to be fucked in the roughest of ways. There is only one way to find out and that is by taking the risk of trying to seduce the stranger and get his cock inside her. Hopefully it goes well for her in this sexy and scary scene from the mind of Will Tile., Size: 2.45 GB

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