emprexkala [ManyVids] - hubby, cum in my mouth - like he did


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it's morning and kala's been waiting for her hubby to come home from his night shift. he's finally home and kala started marking her territory by softly seducing her hubby with her charming voice and sophisticated way. she starts asking him about his night shift while licking his ear and while whispering to him how much she wants to see his amazing cock. she starts begging for it - her hubby gets hard when she begs for it. it's kind of a routine they do. that's what get them both hard and wet respectively. he finally shows it to her and she starts getting down...sniffing it. putting her lips on his cook and whispering to him about what she did last night while he was on a night shift...she met charles...every time she says something, he gets jealous and harder at the same time. it's what gets him - kala alos pampers him throughout the entire clip. kala's dirty mind and her way of seducing him despite her cheating on him. the story she tells him is hot. and the way she finishes him is hotter., Size: 2.82 GB

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