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You have lived with us for a while and I will ask you if you are happy with me and my mom. My friends also know about you and they told me something... My friends told me that black men have a big cock. I ask you, is it true? I want you to show me your cock a little, I just want to know. I promise I won’t tell Mom, and I beg you to show it to me, even a little. You agree to show me your cock, but it's not hard. I thought it was bigger, but I haven’t even seen a white man’s cock before, so I can’t compare. Then I, too, realize it’s not hard right now. When it’s hard, it’s bigger isn’t it? I ask you. I wonder how we can make it hard. I am a big girl and I have a woman's body. You like my mom's body and she gets you hard. So why not me too? I will start to introduce you to my body and undress in front of you... and your cock gets hard. WOW, I exclaim because it’s really big, I even take a couple of pictures because it’s so huge. Don’t be afraid, pictures do not show your face. I want to touch it... oh it is so hard that it feels like a rock... I also want to taste it... Listen, I don’t care that you are my step dad or my mom’s boyfriend.. I want you to be my first... I want your BBC.. I want that you ruin my tiny little pussy... BBC. BLACK COCK. STEP DAD/DADDY. STEP DAUGHTER. TABOO. IMPREGNATION FANTASY. CHEATING. TEEN. CREAMPIE. BLOWJOB. CUM ON TITS. VIRTUAL SEX (with dildo). BLACK DILDO. POV. POV SEX. VIRGIN. LOSING VIRGINITY. RUIN ME., Size: 1.61 GB

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