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Nun Aspen is here to counsel you on your “sinful desires”. She asks you a few questions about your sexuality. You have no idea why she is asking you these questions, but you answer them. Nun Aspen, however, knows you’re lying. She tells you that there has been signs of “sinful sexual lust of the devil” shown in you. You start to sweat, but you don’t give yourself away. “My son we both know it is not pious to lie in the house of our Lord. I know that you have a secret.” Smiling, Nun Aspen begins to show you a video of you blowing the Head Priest of the Church. “We all have secrets, but secrets like this ruin lives young man. The sin is in you. So, I’m going to convert you back to the right way. But first punishment.” Nun Aspen pulls out a very large black dildo from under her skirt. “You will suck me and fuck me how you did the Father of this good church. As punishment, this will not be enjoyable. It will be you atoning. Showing God & I your sin publicly. By publicly I mean, here in the Church with God, his angels, and me. Right here, right now.” She looks at you and commands you to service her penis. You know what you must do now. You must atone. You shamefully get on your knees and service this humongous BBC cock. Nun Aspen is becoming aroused with fucking your mouth that she starts pounding your face harder. She begins to pray the lord’s prayer while taking her shirt off expo$ing her perfect breast. You become hard. She turns around to make you lick her asshole. This surprises you but you go with the flow anyways. “As good an ass licker as you are cocksucker. Now turn around faggot. It’s time to destroy and punish your sinful hole in front of god.”, Size: 753.17 MB

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